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Psychon and McCulloch Pitts Neurons

Do you know the term "psychon"? This term, which seems to be related to something in a spiritual and mysterious world like Psychokinesis or Psychedelic, was named by neuroscientist Warren McCulloch. He thinks that there is a simplest, more indivisible basic unit like the atom at the root of the human psychological phenomenon, and he called it "psychon". Although he can usually think of neurons as being the atoms of the nervous system and human psychological functions, he thought that it was difficult to explain the mental functions of human beings with 'neuron' alone.

He studied philosophy and psychology, and later majored in neurology. He chose the path as a basic science researcher instead of a clinical doctor, and he studied mainly the pathogenesis of Parkinson's disease. He began thinking about "psychon" because he felt that there was something lacking in explaining human psychological phenomenon by the action of neuron. The paper he met a…

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